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Company Serpone 1820
Company Serpone 1820

Famiglia Serpone
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The company has stores in Italy, Poland, Spain, USA, Germany and Nigeria.
Founded in 1820 as a workshop for the production of artistic embroidery and is specialized in various sectors such as furnishing sacred, sacred vestments of the construction, packaging for the clergy, the restoration of works of art, stained glass, mergers bronze, marble work, chiseling and carving wood.
The production of Serpone & Co. is disseminated and publicized through the distribution of two catalogs: one for the sale of flags and decoration material, the other for the sacred furnishings in general. Thanks to the modern structure, organization and guidance of qualified staff to the aid of the Serpone & Co., with SOA, Cat OS-2, Table I No. 2155-01 for the restoration of movable property of the Church up to an amount of Euro 300/00, is rightly considered a leader in both business areas mentioned.
The new location of the company is currently at:
Via Reggia di Portici n° 79 Napoli (via Marina) tel. 0817899211 – fax 0817899217.

Serpone & Co. Srl - 80146 Napoli - Via Reggia di Portici,79 - tel. 0817899211    
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