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National and International Flag Company
National and International Flag Company

Famiglia Serpone
World Flags
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All Flags of the World in alphabetical order, to customize the flags with vs. logo, Gonfaloni, pennants, banners, gifts, decorations and installations for events. Our range is very wide: outdoor and indoor flags, Italian and foreign flags of regions, municipalities flags, flags of the provinces, flags of international organizations, personalized flags, flags for the military, war flags, flags for authorities sport, storage cabinets and boards, poles, masts and supports, shields with coat of arms painted or bronze, marble or metal plaques, monuments in bronze, marble, fiberglass, banners for schools and associations, labaretti printed or embroidered robes and touches for judges, lawyers, university professors and deans, bands mayor and president of the province, tapestries, ponchos and decorations for equestrian orders, crest, decoration of the Italian Republic, bunting.

The new location of the company is currently at:
Via Reggia di Portici n° 79 Napoli (via Marina) tel. 0817899211 – fax 0817899217.



Serpone & Co. Srl - 80146 Napoli - Via Reggia di Portici,79 - tel. 0817899211    
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